About MahaLabharthi

MahaLabharthi is developed to bridge the severe communication gap between government with hundreds of precious welfare schemes, Benefits, Subsidies and Entitlements on one hand and millions of poor and deprived citizens on the other who are quite unaware of their welfare schemes /entitlements in spite of cell-phones/smart phones in their hands.


All benefits and entitlements are presented not as a repulsive heap of general and unusable information of schemes but in an absolutely personalized and citizen-welfare-centric manner. It generates a comprehensive list of benefits specifically applicable to and easily understandable by the individual citizen whose profile has been submitted to the portal. The list gets dynamically modified with elapse of time or with introduction of new schemes, discontinuation or changes in existing schemes or as and when the profile is updated by the citizen. Chief Minister of Maharashtra has launched this portal through his CMO portal. CMO has also given wide publicity through its social media handle. Once the list of benefits is generated the portal also guides the citizens on how to access or acquire the benefits. 32,000+ citizens have registered on the portal so far.

  • Citizens can login on their own and by filling minimum required data, eligible schemes are known instantly to citizens
  • MahaLabharthi Portal is open to millions of citizens from anywhere and anytime with 24x7 accessibility
  • Scheme Eligibility Definition is dynamically checked through rule engine based on citizen profile data
  • As soon as scheme is defined, the rule engine can incorporate it within few minutes and scheme will be available to citizens on MahaLabharthi portal instantly
  • As a final output, Hon’ble CM’s letter can be given to citizens informing them eligible schemes in mass-personalized manner. It also gives details regarding nature of benefits, required documents, contact details of authority etc. for each scheme
  • MahaLabharthi portal is ready to use by millions of citizens at any point of time
  • Citizens can mark the benefits for which they are not interested in, is also available on MahaLabharthi, which will prove to be helpful to departments for decision making on particular scheme
  • Portal is based on the Labh (Benefits) for the citizens and accordingly the schemes are shown
  • Citizens are given liberty to select schemes and benefits according to what populated based on their profiles
  • Citizens preliminary eligibility, to be the beneficiary of selected schemes, is verified free of cost in mass personalized manner
  • Citizens have to fill in very minimalistic information in their profiles to get likely eligible to schemes they marked they are interested in
  • Scheme once announced by the Govt. can be configured on the portal and presented before citizens in no time
  • Not only schemes’ likely Eligibility but also Details of Benefits, Required Documents, and Contact Authority is displayed before citizens
  • Each output form is signed by Hon’ble CM, Maharashtra and given a unique reference number to each citizen to track status of the application

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