Digital Legislature Framework

MKCL has designed and developed a comprehensive framework for Maharashtra Legislative Secretariat (MLS) for digitization of the day to day legislature work to enhance quicker, accessible and more transparent legislature work.

Maharashtra Legislature received the award in 2016 to be the first legislature to go online at the Digital India Conclave organized by India Today Group for the system developed by MKCL.


  1. An Integrated platform for all Member of Legislature, Secretariat Staff, Government Departments as well as General public.
  2. Extensive Search Mechanism which facilitates searching and filtering of data based on various criterias.
  3. Unicode compliant system
  4. An Effortless workflow management which facilitates the process flow for the parliamentary devices.
  5. Configurable system for the catering the dynamic work culture of legislature.
  6. Processing of the Devices in accordance with rules of Legislature Various Statistical Reports are generated from the system for effective monitoring, answering RTI queries etc.
  7. A simple and effective UI for better understanding by the Government Staff


  1. Reduction of Paper Usage
  2. Reduction of Operational Time
  3. Increase in effectiveness of Secretariat Staff
  4. Secured Transactions
  5. Ease in handling complex processes like department transfers, clubbing, referencing, charting and balloting
  6. Faster retrieval of information through search functionality using various search criteria
  7. Proper Tracking of revisions made to a device

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