Secured eTendering System (SeTS)

SeTS is a proven solution for eProcurement and eAuctioning and is being used by many Public, private and co-operative Sector Undertakings over last decade for procurement of good and services exceeding about 8 Billion+ US Dollars (₹ 51,556 Crores+) in a transparent and secure manner with significant reductions in procurement life-cycles and procurement costs. This solution, apart from being applicable to individual companies, is also being preferred by sector-wise associations of various industry verticals to cut down the cost of raw materials by the periodic collective/group procurement for their members.

  • Built on proven J2EE Platform
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix platform
  • Supports multiple database viz. Oracle/MySQL/MS-SQLServer
  • Leading web browser compliance Internet Explorer (6.0 or above), Firefox(3.0 or above), Safari (3.0 or above)
  • UNICODE compliant
  • Capability to integrate with third party/existing pre and post process tendering applications through WebServices API
  • Encryption of all tender related data using 128-bit SSL channel
  • Token based Digital Certificates

  • SeTS complies to the IT Act, 2000, and guidelines and policies of the Central Vigilance Commission(CVC), World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other international bodies
  • Use of PKI for security, verification and audit
  • Multi factor Authentication module involving different levels of security needs
  • Imposes data level access confining users to read/update specific data
  • Role based access control enabling secure access to resources based on the assigned role and permissions in the system
  • Web requests secured using 128 bit SSL based encryption channel
  • Accept submission of bids only on verification of the Digital Signatures of the bidders provided by any authorized CA in India
  • Time based access restricting the users to carry out the activities before or after the stipulated time
  • Integrated audit log capable of recording, displaying and reporting all transactions occurring in the system

Common Benefits:

  1. Reduction of Paper Usage
  2. Reduction of Operational Time
  3. Increase in effectiveness of users.
  4. Secured Transactions

To Buyers

  1. Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC), World Bank, MDB guidelines & policies compliant
  2. Compliant to IT Act, 2000
  3. Reduction in procurement costs
  4. Enables complete control of the process, including whom and when to award the contract
  5. Better control and management of the process
  6. Improved supplier relationship
  7. Encourages competition amongst suppliers

Add on Benefits to PSU

  1. It abides to guidelines given by Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC)
  2. It takes the advantage of IT act 2000 wherein supplier can be taken under trial for document digitally signed
  3. Instant reports for various hierarchy levels
  4. Instant report generation against right to information act
  5. Helps to assess performance of different vendors from time to time

To Vendors

  1. Provides increased business opportunities to vendors
  2. Provides equal opportunity for all vendors to participate in the bidding process
  3. Provides 24x7 secured access to tender information
  4. Provides automatic notifications

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