Secured e Tendering Systems

Single Platform for eProcurement

MKCL's Secured Electronic Tendering System (SeTS) is an end-to-end online tendering solution designed and devised to perform every activity in the tender cycle. SeTS ensures transparency, cost effectiveness, process efficiency and accuracy throughout the procurement process.

Since 2012, Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) is organisations from sectors like Electricity Sector, Sugar Sector, Education Sector, Pharma Sector etc. Based on our experience and the needs of the purchasing organisations and suppliers, MKCL introduced Single Platform of Procurement exclusively for Sugar sector with the name SugarMart and for Education Sector with the name EduMart.

These Single Platform of Procurement is facilitating suppliers to register to participate in tendering process of organisations/educational institutions spread across India just by registering at single place. At the same time Organisations/ Educational Institutions are getting benefits of huge number of suppliers available at one place. Looking at this win-win model, both Organisations/ Educational Institutions and Suppliers are registering on these platforms.

Single Platform for eProcurement


  1. Availability of Huge number of Items and Flexibility of updating Item master.
  2. User-friendliness in Purchase Tender and Purchase Inquiries creation for various Goods and Services required for Organization and Publish it further on portal.
  3. Catalogue Management has list of products & services and offerings from Suppliers for the same in chronological order.
  4. Availability of reference material which includes video manuals.
  5. Statistical information and business intelligence reports related to Published tenders.
  6. Statistical information and business intelligence reports of participated tenders.
  7. Mobile app to manage many tender related activities as per your convenience.
  8. Dedicated call centre support.

Benefits to Organization

  1. No Registration Fees
  2. Unlimited tenders can be published
  3. Suppliers registered from all over India
  4. List of segment wise suppliers can be seen, apart from this Suppliers can showcase their products through Catalogue Management on our Portal.
Benefits to Organization

Benefits to Supplier

  1. Single platform to participate in tenders from all Organization of particular sector from all over India.
  2. Suppliers can come to know about published tenders of all instantly and can participate in it online using single login.
  3. The portal will maintain a complete profile of supplier organisation.
  4. Suppliers can easily get information on published tenders.
  5. Reduced Tender Submission time, hence cost-saving to the Supplier. Suppliers can showcase their products catalogue.
Benefits to Supplier